PNC Park

Always in the top list of “best ballparks.” PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates was a site to see. There are a variety of ways to get to the park. Traditional parking lots surround the entrance, but unique to Pittsburgh fans they can walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge from downtown. (the same bridge you see in the skyline) This couldn’t be more Pittsburgh with hundreds of bridges, no joke.  You can also take the ferry, similar to AT&T Park.

I scheduled a day game because of the famous view. We went on Wednesday, May 23rd for the Pittsburgh Pirates hosting the New York Mets. Andres Torres (former Giant was hurt unfortunately.) As we drove to the stadium there was school bus after school bus. Apparently, it was Education Appreciation Day.  THOUSANDS of middle schoolers, ohh…my least favorite age. I really tried not to let them get too me. Worked somewhat.

We entered from the main entrance facing home plate. We directly went to Primanti Brothers to get their noted Pittsburgh sandwich.  Grilled meat, coleslaw, tomato, and french fries between their huge Italian bread.  It was delicious, but so filling. I ended up taking almost all the fries out.

Now to that beautiful view, the Pittsburgh skyline is gorgeous, but we didn’t really appreciate it until you site down for the game. We were right behind home plate in the upper deck.  The view was so beautiful, but it almost looked fake or like a painting – basically not real. Oh the game…It was really a disaster. The Pirates had three errors by the fourth inning. It was a hard game to watch. We waited for the Great Pierogi Race after the fifth inning, inspired by the Brewers sausage race. (video below) The Pierogi’s consisted of Jalapeno Hannah (green hat), Cheese Chester (yellow hat), Sauerkraut Saul (red hat) and Oliver Onion (purple hat). The mascot races are always great, especially because their official mascot Pirate Parrot was lame. He didn’t do anything, but shoot out t-shirts. My husband did not approve. He has high standards for mascots.

The game was horrendous so we walked around the park to really get the feel. The main concourse is open around the entire field so you don’t miss the game. Everything is really spacious and spread out.  We strolled along their River Walk in outfield with beautiful view of downtown, Roberto Clemente Bridge and the river.

The Pittsburgh Pirates deserve a better team, but at least the park is gorgeous and hey they are leading the central right now!

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