The 300 Mark!

Petaluma HillsWe made it to 300 breweries since we started beer traveling 5 years ago. Our current stats, which I just love looking at.

California – 246 / Nevada – 16 / Oregon – 12 / Arizona 11 / Pennsylvania – 9 / Maryland – 4 / Virginia – 2 / DC – 1

2010 – 40 Breweries Visited
2011 – 53 Breweries Visited
2012 – 57 Breweries Visited
2013 – 74 Breweries Visited
2014 – 77 Breweries So Far

These milestones aren’t always easy to achieve. We almost didn’t make when we drove an hour to a brewery that just wasn’t open. No notice, nothing. Beer traveling has it’s mishaps just like all travels, no matter how much you plan.

We chose Petaluma Hills Brewing in Petaluma, CA for our big 300. Their tap room may be new to the Sonoma County beer scene, but their beers have been around for almost a year and they have been solid from the start. Most new breweries we go to have adolescent starts, probably a better world that, but most linger from the early stages of opening a brewery and replicating their beer recipes. We try to revisit them after the kinks are worked out and their beer pretty much always improves.

Not the case at Petaluma Hills Brewing. The standouts were the Portluma, a smooth and balanced Porter and the East Side Bitter, a mixture of malt and subtle bitterness. I’m very excited to try their upcoming Pumpkin Patch Traffic Jam Ale, rightfully named for anyone that has experience the rubbernecking pumpkin patch traffic……really people? it’s just a pumpkin patch.

All in all we couldn’t have picked a better place to reach 300 because they were genuinely excited and celebrated our milestone with us. I see only good things for this brewery. Come visit them at their great location across the street from Lagunitas in Petaluma, CA.

Cheers and Happy Beer Travels!