SF Beer Week Opening Weekend

SF Beer Week

The next morning was a bit tough, but after some much needed breakfast we were back to what we do best: beer. Our first stop was the Press Club in downtown Mikkeller Yeast Seriesto try the Mikkeller Yeast 2.0 Series. Each beer was made with the same malt, hops, mash time and temperature. The only difference is the yeast. The series included Lager, English Ale, American Ale, Saison, Brettanomyces Lambicus and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. It was a great experience to see how much yeast determines flavor and was extremely eye opening.

The Press Club was also specializing in unique sours and had a list over over 30 sours. After only two days of “official” beer week they were already out of everything Cantillon and a few others. We ordered sours from France, Italy and the US. Only thing was nothing had a price and when the bill came it was over $100. It was a surprise, but totally worth the experience.

Then we were on to Speakeasy Ales Speakeasy& Lagers for their grand opening of their new tasting room. The place was packed and the tasting room was completely full. Very speakeasy style with dark secluded rooms. We hung out in their warehouse/brewery where all their Friday night events are. Speakeasy is always a great time. They have tons of local followers and always attract amazing food trucks. The staff is always great and the beers are top notched.

Smoked Beer Flight                                                      We then headed to the Mission district where it seemed there was a beer event on every corner. First was Southpaw BBQ & Southern Cooking where they were offering a smoked beer flight. Sounded awesome and the idea was great, but the follow through was terrible. Long story short: bad service and uneducated staff. Don’t post a beer week event if you are unprepared. Luckily, there was a Goose Island tap takeover a block down at The Sycamore. Their was no tap list prior, but I kept believing that Bourbon County Brand Stout would be there. Positive thinking = yes! The Sycamore is a small bar/restaurant and the place was insanely packed, but I squeezed in and got my first taste of Bourbon Countythe legendary beer. No joke the glass was probably 3 ounces, but at 15% it was all we needed. Hardest part was maneuvering through the crowd without spilling a drop. They have an awesome outdoor area with a huge screen. Strangely Planet Earth was planning which was a unique experience watching everyone sipping beer and watching seals eat penguins. We ended the night at 21st Amendment for their Strong Beer Month. One of our favorite San Francisco breweries.

Dynamo DountsThe last event we wanted to attend was on Sunday morning. Almanac Beer Co partnered with Dynomo Donuts to produce a Biere de Chocolate donut.  It was delicious and was a perfect end to the opening weekend of San Francisco Beer Week. If anyone ever gets the chance to attend some events, go for it! We attend 1% of events and had a fantastic time!

Cheers #SFbeerweek it was a grand time! – sparklinglover