I am a Beer Traveler

Beer Collage It’s hard to put into words how exciting it is to step into a new brewery and taste at the source. Some breweries are a complete surprise because I have never tasted a drop before, but the truly special ones are the breweries that you crave to visit because you have enjoyed so many of their beers before or simply one beer that sparked a day of beer traveling to taste at the source. At the source is more than just tasting the beer as fresh as it can be, but seeing the town that it rests in. I love seeing how the locals embrace their brewery. Most breweries embrace their town by naming beers after local history, landmarks and streets, which just reinforces the locals love. Beer travel is seeing and more importantly feeling all of this, while drinking damn good beer. People always say they want to eat where the locals eat. Well we drink were the locals drink. Society of Beer TravlersI was inspired to write about what beer travel means to me after becoming a member of the Society of Beer Travelers create by Brian Devine and Maria Scarpello of The Roaming Pint. This new online community is for anyone that shares the same passion for beer travel. If you are the type of person who drives out of your way to visit a single brewery this site is for you. No matter by car, plane, bike, or foot, if your vacations revolve around beer this site is for you.

Happy beer travels!

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