Reaching 200 pt 2

Creekside BrewingDay two of our Central Coast beer adventure. We woke up early and were already on the road to visit our first brewery of the day. We didn’t have much time because our friends wedding was in the afternoon. We drove down the Highway 1 from Cambria to San Luis Obispo in 40 minutes. The drive was incredibly beautiful along the coast.

We arrived a little before the brewery opened so we leisurely walked around downtown SLO. We found a creek that you could walk down to and explored. Our first brewery Creekside Brewing happened to overlooked that same creek…haha, didn’t click right away, but makes a lot of sense. Creekside  Brewing had a strange layout, the restaurant was on the top floor and you watched downstairs to the bar. We sat along the patio overlooking the creek. The beers were not too our liking, but the brewery was really beautiful and calming near the water.

We drove to our next brewery Central Coast Central Coast BrewingBrewing that was just a few minutes from downtown. I had never heard of them, but when we arrived I already recognized some of their beers, especially their Lucky Day IPA. We ordered a sampler and it was gigantic. There have been a couple of places we have been when the server brings you your sampler your eyes widen by the size…it was one of those moments. The beer was great and we left with many bottles. We met some locals who were brewing their own beer here. It reminded me of Devils Canyon Brewing that offers the same. Great atmosphere, local support and great beers. This put us at 199. Only a few miles drive to our next milestone!

Tap It BrewingI was really excited to visit Tap It Brewing, not only because we would make the big 2-0-0, but we had enjoyed everything we have had from them. Their IPA is one of my favorites, so balanced. Tap It Brewing was located south of downtown SLO in an industrial area. We walked into a small gift shop area with a few taps that was really tight. Luckily they had another area around the corner that had lots of tables and a patio that was creatively decorated. We got our sampler and I scribbled 200 on a coaster to share our excitement. Our goal was 50 new breweries by the end of the year and we still had 2 months to go. This was going to be our best beer travel year yet!

On Sunday morning we once againSLO Brewing drove down to San Luis Obispo to visit SLO Brewing and meet up with friends for breakfast. One fantastic beer traveling tool is a lot of breweries open early on Sunday during football season. This really helps beer traveling plans. SLO Brewing opened at 10am and the place was already full with football fans when we arrived soon after. SLO Brewing was located right in downtown only a block from Creekside Brewing. We ordered our last sampler of the trip and looked back on another  great beer vacation. Excited to reach our goal and left with 201 breweries on our “beer resume.”

Cheers, Sparklinglover

Happy Beer Girl

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