Be a Heretic

Yesterday we visited Heretic Brewing, which brings us to #189. I am excited when any new brewery opens a tasting room, but I was especially excited for Heretic. I have tried every beer I could get my hands on and they all have been superb. Of course we needed to try at the source.

Heretic has been brewing since 2011 in Pittsburg, CA. They shared brewing space with E.J Phair Brewing and in 2013 they moved to Fairfield, CA to open their own space. There tasting room opened just two weeks ago.

We ventured through the unexpected rain storm yesterday (30% chance of rain my ass) and arrived soon after they opened. They are located in a warehouse district off the freeway. We ordered our usual sampler, which consisted of:

Evil Cousin – Hoppy Red Ale

Evil Twin – Double IPAHeretic Brewing

Gramarye – Rye Pale Ale

Shallow Grave – Robust Porter

Torment – Belgian Dark Ale

CHP – Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

chIMP – Imperial Stout

Worry – Belgian Golden Ale

Miscreant – Flanders Red Ale

There was nothing ordinary about these beers as the name implies. “Be a Heretic, Don’t Drink Ordinary Beer.” All the beers were spot on and nothing was standard about them. The Evil Twin and Evil Cousin were incredibly fresh and the Evil Cousin Double IPA was not cloying like a lot of other double ipa’s. My favorite was the Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, rich in hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate. Sweet and bitter…wish I could have had a pint or two of this. Reminded me of Rip Current Brewing – Hazardous Hazelnut Porter, which I still crave from time to time!

The tasting room is welcoming with a bright red accent wall and the bar is filled with black and white photos of the brewery and staff. We picked up a growler of Gramerye and a few bottles of Evil Cousin. This won’t just be a one time stop for us. The beer is just too good! Anyone in the area should stop by. Tasting room is open Tuesday – Friday 3pm-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Cheers, Sparklinglover

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