Beer Down Highway 1

Some of my favorite #beertravel adventures are day trips. On Sunday we woke up early and made our way down the coast. We have visited the south coast for beer before (Half Moon Bay Brewing), but we have been waiting for Hop Dogma Brewing to open to travel down highway 1 again.

Highway 1 BrewingOur first stop was Highway 1 Brewing in the town of Pescadero right on the scenic highway. They opened in March of this year. We were starving and ready for a beer after the two hour drive. On Sunday’s they open early for brunch and there is just something about breakfast with a beer. We ordered the sampler which consisted of a jalapeno wheat beer comically named “The French American War”, a delicious pale ale “Rock Queen”, a west coast style “1PA”, and rye beer with peppercorn named “Pepper in the Rye”. All were tasty and the pale ale was the standout. Have to give props to their jalapeno wheat beer, which was balanced and not overwhelming. I normally am not a fan of that style. We sat back, relaxed and watched the cars drive by the ocean. Probably one of the best beautiful views at a brewery to date.

Hog DogmaWe then made our way back up the coast to the town of El Granada to visit Hop Dogma Brewing who had been only open for a month. We pulled up moments after they opened. I am also too nervous to just walk right in at opening time, but my husband always pushes me into it. I’m glad we didn’t because Hop Dogma is defiantly a nano-brewery. They normally have five beers available, but were down to two. We got a pint of each and moments later the place started to fill up with locals and other beer travelers. We tried their La Purisima Saison and their TelePorter a smoked porter aged in oak barrels. Both were extremely delicious, especially the TelePorter filled with bittersweet chocolate, roastiness and smoke flavors. We quickly ordered a second porter and shortly after that the keg blew and they were down to one beer. They are quickly brewing more to serve the demand. We chatted with brewer Ethan Martini who is one of the owners. He was very hospitable and we can’t wait to return to try their other beers.

Hop Dogma Brewing

The coast is now a true destination for beer travelers with three breweries all 30 minutes from each other it provides the perfect excuse for a leisurely drive and some relaxing pints. Safely of course.

This now brings us to 177 breweries. Our goal is 200 by the end of the year. Lots of beer day trips in the near future!

Cheers, sparklinglover

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