Oscar Themed Menu!

I can’t do a party without it being “themed” and the Oscar’s is the perfect event!

Here is my menu for the 85th Academy Awards!


amour pairing

Amour – Breakfast Quiches

A french foreign film based on a elderly married couple cooping with the wife’s Alzheimer’s. One of their last meals together is breakfast. The classic french breakfast of croque-madame or croissants would have worked, but I wanted a breakfast appetizer, so quiches it is!


argo pairing

Argo – Falafel & Tahini

Argo has so many themes to play with: American, Canadian, Iranian and Hollywood. Falafel is very popular is Southern Iran and its a perfect appetizer with some Tahini sauce for dipping. “Hide” a Canadian flag under all of it and you got a perfect appetizer!


beasts of the southern wild pairing

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Crawfish Dip

Beasts of the Southern Wild takes place in the Louisiana bayou. There are a lot of food scenes in this movie from eating crawfish and crab with your bare hands to cooking with cat food to a birthday cake. Also, the main girl is named Hushpuppy so you could always fry some of those up. The bayou community eats what they find so be resourceful!


django pairing

Django Unchained – Good Ol’ Southern Deviled Eggs

A southern tradition is deviled eggs. You will see them all over family and church gatherings in the south. The key to making them “southern” is adding pickled relish for a little tang. You can also go the route of food eaten during slavery. Great article here.


les mis pairing

Les Miserables – French Cheese & Baguette

It’s hard to do a food theme about a movie about people starving in the streets. I am going basic with french cheeses (french flag on top!) and baguettes. The baguette will symbolize the loafs of bread that people survived off before the French Revolution. Also, heart shaped creme brulee would be a sweet treat for this epic love story. ❤


life of pi pairing

Life of Pi – Floating Shrimp Cocktail

Life of Pi can either go seafood or Indian food. I’m choosing seafood because most of the movie takes place stranded at sea. I love shrimp cocktail and I am adapting Rachel Ray’s holiday ice skate rink with fishes and sharks underneath and Richard Parker (tiger) on top. If you prefer to go the Indian food route; in the book Life of Pi, Pi dreams about his ultimate meal of choice: Mixed Vegetable Korma and Vanilla ice cream with thick chocolate.


lincoln pairing

Lincoln – Top Hat Cookies

Lincoln was known as not having an appetite and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln had to force him to eat. This doesn’t help much with food themes so I went with top hat cookies! I did find a great article on Lincoln’s favorite foods. He was known to eat oysters, tons of fruit and his favorite dish was chick fricassee. Lots to work with for a man who didn’t eat.


silver linings pairing

Silver Linings Playbook – “Crabby Cakes”

Silver Linings is Philly…gritty people with a huge sense of neighborhood. They are consistently talking about and rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Preparing food for football games was an important part of the film. “Crabby snacks” and homemades were mentioned multiple times and Bradley Cooper’s character even helps his mom make them. Now, these “crabby snacks” are not polish crab cakes, but buttered crab meat and orange cheese on English muffins…so Philly.  My recipe is modeled after Silver Linings, but instead I’m wrapping the crab meat in crescent rolls.


zero dark thirty pairing

Zero Dark Thirty – Hummus & Pita

You can either go American or Middle Eastern for this one. I went with hummus and pita because it is mentioned in the film, along with lamb kebabs and tabbouleh. It’s easy appetizer to pair and it’s a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine. If you wanted to go “USA!” I would suggest Apple Pie.



Happy Oscar Season!

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